S.T.E.M. Projects

The Maine Air Museum encourages our youth to study in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Our museum has four aviation-related STEM demonstrations available for weekly loan to schools and libraries beginning Oct. 1.

These exhibits may be seen at the museum during open hours. Briefly, each of the exhibits (see pictures) is student interactive and demonstrates the Bernoulli Effect in action.

For loan information about these displays, the museum contact person is Bob Littlefield at 989-3050.

"Bernoulli's 3-Ring Circus"

Air blown between two bowling balls causes attraction.

"Wind Tunnel"

Varying the wing angle causes wing to rise and fall.

"Venturi Meter Demonstration"

Air moving at different speeds changes fluid levels.

"Bernoulli in Space"

Diagonal cone of moving air suspends ball.